Bags are used regularly at trade shows, conferences and events to carry literature, materials and other giveaways. In addition, these bags are being reused every day at grocery stores, beaches and even for traveling. Every Non-Woven tote bag is constructed using recyclable materials, which will generate a strong eco-friendly presence at your next event.

Folder is not a new invention but its usage is increasing day by day due to the convenience it provides to an organization. They are used to keep a company organized, can be used as a promotional tool and can be used to represent and pass information to customers. Almost every single office uses folders. Folders are of many shapes and sizes. One of the most common type of folders found in offices all around the world are the A4 presentation folder. They are used to keep the A4 sized papers in it. Usually the A4 folder printing is done by the digital printers so that the quality of the folder is good and can keep papers safe for a longer period of time.Document Office Bag

Almost all the documents used in an office are of A4 size. When these documents are to be presented to a client or customer, these folders are used. There are many categories in which the folders can be divided into. Every type has its own very purpose. Another very famous type of folder and commonly found at offices are the certificate folders. Important documents are kept in these folders. Usually the certificate folders are printed of such materials which can last longer than other ordinary folders.

Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru is a pioneer in offering a vast range of document office bag in Bengaluru. These bags are very tons demanded through students and workplace goers. It comes with extraordinary sections and walls, which region all of the files in a neat and organized way. It is to be had in exceptional sizes to hold all varieties of paper.

Our selection of imprinted bags includes: branded office bags, branded backpacks, branded trolley bags, branded sling bags, branded messenger bags, briefcases, attaches, portfolios, laptop bags, duffels, branded totes, branded conference bags, branded grocery bags, & many eco-friendly options. We offer the highest quality promotional office bags at the most affordable prices.

We offer bespoke bag making services, offering wide range of bags in different colours, sizes, shapes & variety of features. These are incorporated with company logo or individual name and can be used for promotional gifting. We offer bags that can carry loads over 10 kg, as well as smaller shopping backpacks.

Per client’s specifications we tailor number of compartments, raincoat compartments, zippers, belt, logo placement, size of the bag, headphones passage etc.

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