Every person need to preserve their passport in a secure and comfortable manner because of its significant importance. A passport holder is a thin protecting which is located around the passport to protect it from dirt, wear and tear and spillage. People who travel regularly recognize the importance of having one due to the fact they realize that a passport is subjected to quite a few put on and tear specifically amongst folks that journey regularly. Passport holders also are properly known as passport wallets or covers.

Small and compact in size, it resembles a conventional gent’s wallet in many ways. Barring its important functionality, a leather passport holder is a stylish and classy fashion accessory for a passport. Moreover, pulling out a passport from a holder exudes a person’s sense of class and sophistication.

When it comes to business promotions, a passport holder can easily stand out in a list of various corporate gift ideas, especially when they are made of leather, because of its functionality and elegant appearance. A leather passport holder is often considered an executive business gift because business executives often need this highly functional item during their foreign business trips. Considering its immense importance during abroad trips, this item is a great corporate gift idea for business travellers. Besides using it during business trips, people also end up using this exclusive gift during their leisure or personal trips. Moreover, a leather holder also makes a great and meaningful retirement gift because people often travel to different countries after their retirement.

Promotional passport holders are generally made of leather, imitation leather or PU leatherette. All the materials should be of high quality to make them durable and stylish, because durability is an important factor when it comes to any corporate gift as this reflects the standard of the products or services offered by a company. Each passport holder needs to be finished perfectly with good stitching detail. Moreover, apart from a pocket to hold the passport, these holders feature a number of pockets to hold travel tickets, credit or debit cards or other important papers. The number of slots varies from one design to another.

Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru is a leading supplier of passport holder with sim card safe case & sim card jackets. You can customize your own passport holder with us. We do proper customization by choosing the right font colours and printing on a generous and visible area on the gift to make the printed words and images distinct, clear ensuring that they are visible from a distance. Embossing, screen printing and foil blocking are the best ways to put the brand name and logo of a business on the front cover surface of a passport holder. Once these business gifts are properly customized with the business message, they are ready to be handed out to clients and customers.


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