Do you want to create an impression by gifting your recipients with a personalized pen set? Personalized pen gift have become more and more popular and if you are looking to gift a co-worker or your boss, there is no better way to do so than to give them one of these pens. Personalized pen sets are quite a brilliant idea and anyone would love to be gifted with one. By gifting your co-worker or boss with a pen set that is personalized, you will be showing them that you really care and that you put lots of thought into gifting them with the pen set.

A personalized pen is a wonderful alternative for gifting your boss or co-worker because it is not an expensive gift and it can easily be customized and then packaged and presented to its recipient at the right time. These pens can be engraved or screen printed so that they are the perfect gift for your co-worker or your boss. Such pens are a great way of showing gratitude or appreciating a colleague or boss and they have a distinguished value that gives them meaning as gifts.Pen set in bengaluru

Pen Sets: The Perfect Gift

Here at Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru, we are firm believers that you can never have too many pens, and no writing collection is ever too large. Whether you collect different brands of pen or different forms of writing instruments, pen sets are the perfect way to help build your collection.

Our site offers a wide variety of pen sets from top brands such as Cross, Parker and Waterman, all of which come presented in a high quality gift box. They’re perfect for those that you’re gifting, or for storing your pens if you’re treating yourself.

With sets including a range of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and pencils, there really is something for everyone.

Why Pen Sets?

For professionals, students or those that simply love stationery, a pen set is the perfect gift as it shows that you have thought about what they need, but may not buy for themselves. It’s not ‘just another pen’ to them, especially when the high quality pen sets from Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru come presented in branded gift boxes.

To put it simply, pen sets are a thoughtful, practical and well-rounded gift.

Engraving Service

To add a little something extra to a gifted pen set, Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru offer an engraving service on most of their range. There is nothing more personal than receiving a well presented gift set with your initials or name on, so why not go the extra mile when gifting someone.

Brands Available At Our Store

We currently stock pen sets for Parker, Cross, Diplomat, Waterman and Sheaffer. With a range of different combinations available such as fountain pens and mechanical pencils, fountain pens and rollerball pens and fountain pens and ballpoint pens – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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