Employee recognition through plaques and trophies is vitally important to enhance their performance. Unhappy employees cost the company money due to lack of motivation. Employees then decide to leave because they have lost interest. Customers are also lost because of low service levels, and stagnant productivity.

Motivating the employees is an important investment for your company through dedication and service as they need to be content in their work environment to maximize their potential. Money is not going to motivate and encourage them. Only through positive thoughts and rewards are you going to promote them to do a better. The corporate trophy is always regarded as elegant and beautiful and most importantly very valuable. This is because it signifies excellence, healthy competitiveness and further growth.

Studies confirm that regularly showing genuine, heartfelt appreciation helps increase employee satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru makes it easy to show your gratitude, with thousands of impactful employee recognition awards to choose from. Get recognition award ideas here for annual or weekly company meetings, holiday parties, team recognition, retirement ceremonies, and much more. You’ll also find recognition award options for non-business organizations, as well as sports tournaments and much more.

Corporate trophies and plaques come in different shapes and sizes, are made of different materials and are given out on different occasions. It may be used by the corporate company to award their employees in recognition of their work. It may be given away by different organizations in the society to encourage a certain segment like news channels or sporting bodies or social welfare organizations and so on.

The corporate trophy is cherished because it outlives humans and becomes a pride for generations to come. Hence if you are in the business of awarding corporate trophies and plaques you want to do it with great thought and research. The most popular ones are the bronze plaques. The eye-catching attractive color of the bronze combined with its superior quality, toughness and long lasting value make it the ideal metal to make plaques from. Brass can be engraved and etched easily so the company or organization name, logo and even photos and pictures can be etched on it. In addition to being a good investment, bronze plaques are exquisite and last for years.

Today the most amazing corporate trophy is made from glass. Completely customizable, economical and yet long lasting, glass trophies and plaques have come to be the greatest items showcasing appreciation to employees and staff. The corporate world today does make generous use of glass trophies and plaques for business as well as personal use.

All award recognition ideas you’ll find here come with logo, engraving, and proof. Make your selection using categories such as award size, shape, material, price, color, and more to find your perfect selections. Ensure all employee award ideas are personal by adding the recipient’s name and your company brand on the award. Choose from stunning crystal trophies, glass art awards, sleek metal awards, and uniquely shaped awards. Whatever the occasion, there are recognition awards that will make recipients feel honoured.

With over 20 years of experience in the trophy business, let our experts assist you in creating the perfect trophy for those special events at a price you can afford. With hundreds of trophy designs in stock, Corporate Gifts in Bengaluru offer a variety of trophies to meet any specific occasion. We can also customize your award trophies. For all of your trophy needs, consult with our courteous staff online.

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