A universal socket is a cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the distribution circuits of an electrical power source through a wall socket or extension cable. Power cords, which are available in different shapes and sizes, can be either fixed or detachable. Such cables have become an indispensable part of our daily life, ranging from their use for powering standard household devices to large scale applications in corporates.USB Universal socket

While a user may always carry the regular power cable provided by the device manufacturer, he should also keep a universal power cord which might prove handy anytime. It is a convenient alternative for supplying power to a device at odd times, especially when the regular cord is not performing or gets lost. Also known as US power cord, these cables work with all electronic appliances that have a 3 pin covering power connector like that of computers, printers, scanners and monitors. One of the best things about the power cables is that one can always be sure of their toughness and durability. The main function of this type of cable is to serve like a regular power cord and enable uninterrupted functioning of the device.

It makes keeping your device ready for use simple by using this 3-in-1 Dual USB Universal Socket. Two powered USB ports and universal socket offer convenient one-source charging for your mobile devices anywhere.


  • Designed for home, office, travel and other indoor use
  • High speed charger
  • 2 USB ports + 1 universal socket
  • Dual USB ports compatible with all smartphone and tablets
  • Two powered USB ports offer convenient one-source charging for your mobile devices
  • LED light indicator confirms whether charger is properly connected
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Total load power of to-be-charged devices must be less than 750
  • Powered USB ports are intended solely for charging devices

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